Gas Fire Pit Design

Extra Large Gas Fire Pits, Tables & Bowls

Want the most impressive and largest gas fire pit possible? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re often asked if we can provide guidance on extra large fire pits. With Europe’s most powerful CE approved burner kits (18kW certified each), we’re the perfect choice when extra large gas fire pits with impressive flames are needed. Our Burner Kits are featured in some of the largest fire pits across Europe.

Large Gas Fire Pits & Table

Our Rectanglar Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit provides an impressive one metre of flames, the two rows of jets ensure flame depth as well as length. The rectangle burner kit is at the heart of all our rectangular gas fire pit tables, and can be purchased as burner kit only.

The rectangle burner kit is at the heart of the Titan Zinc Gas Fire Pit Table.
The same rectangular burner kit, installed in a stone structure with cosy wooden seating.

Extra Large Gas Fire Pits & Tables

Multi-Burner Designs

When one meter of flames isn’t enough, how about just under two? Our extra large Twin Rectangle Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit is one of our top selling products, and is suitable for coffee tables, dining tables and all types of extra long gas fire pit projects.

Large outdoor coffee table with twin rectangle burner kit. See all images.
Large outdoor large dining table with twin rectangle burner kit. See all images

We have also provided custom three meter long rectangle burners! Sadly we don’t yet have photos. 

Note: with our rectangle twin burner kit, if you’d like both control boxes to be right next to each other in the fire pit, you’ll need to order with the long connections, to give enough length to allow this.


Side By Side

Some customers have installed two rectangular burner kits side by side, rather than length ways. We now can provide an edge trim for this arrangement.

Work in progress shot of a large gas fire pit using two of our rectangular gas fire pit burner kits, plus an edge trim.

Using Multiple Square or Round Burner Kits

The Mirror Trick

Finally, the (heat-resistant) mirror trick: This works well with hole in the wall style fire pits and can give the impression of much deeper flames while using only a single rectangular burner kit. See all photos.

Design guide for hole in the wall fireplace style installations can be found here.

Requirements for Extra Large Fire Pits

With natural mains gas, you’ll need to ensure you have enough spare capacity from your gas meter before finalising your design. A gas engineer would be able to advise you.


When running LPG, each burner will run from its own gas bottle, meaning you’re free to stack as many burners as you like.