Everything you might need to install your new gas fire pit, or gas fire pit burner kit.

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Fire Pit Edge Trim

The Edge Trim upgrades the look of your gas fire pit, while simplifying installation in many cases. Made from brush polished exterior grade stainless steel, this finishes the inner edge of your fire pit nicely, while adding a reflective surface to enhance the flames. The Edge Trim also provides a ledge for the burner to rest on. From £84 (£70 ex vat) - price varies by shape.
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Installation Hose

If you are installing one of our burners using stainless steel Tracpipe, or Copper for the underground pipework, then this stainless steel hose and socket, is ideal to connect the burner, to the end of your gas pipe.    The hose comes with a brass socket that connects directly onto the burner inlet.  The other end has a swivel cone joint, with a 1/2" BSP male thread.   Available in two different lengths, it makes installation just a lot easier.
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Installation Kit for 20mm MDPE

This kit has all the fittings needed when using 20mm MDPE gas pipe. (MDPE gas pipe not supplied) Ideal for LPG propane installations up to 45 metres from bottle to gas fire pit. MDPE Installation Guide
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Installation Kit for 25mm MDPE

This kit has all the fittings needed when using 25mm MDPE gas pipe (pipe not supplied) Ideal for mains gas Installations up to 30mtrs from pit to gas meter MDPE Installation Guide
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LPG Bottle Regulator

  • 4kg 37mbar regulator
  • Complete with hose nozzle attached
  • Screw on fitting (Reverse Thread)
  • Suitable for 19kg Propane LPG Bottle or above
  • Not needed if using Two Bottle Changeover Kit
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LPG Bottle Gauge

  • Propane LPG pressure gauge adaptor
  • Gives an indication of the amount of gas left in your bottle
  • Fits between the cylinder valve and a 37mbar regulator
  • If using the Two Bottle Changeover Kit, you may want two Bottle Gauges to view gas levels of each bottle
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LPG Two Bottle Changeover Kit

Keep your LPG gas fire pit or burner kit aflame long into the night with our two bottle changeover kit. This allows you to connect two bottles together so that when one becomes empty, simply flick the lever to change over to the other bottle. Complete with 37mbar 4kg regulator. No additional regulator is needed for a two bottle setup. Pro tip: Use with two bottle gauges to view gas levels in each bottle.
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LPG Bottle Regulator Spanner

A spanner the correct size for an LPG bottle. The regulator nut is larger than your typical adjustable spanner.
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Lava Rock – 5kg Bag

Natural volcanic lava rock is perfectly suited to gas fire pits, capturing and radiating heat outwards while providing a decorative look. All our free-standing gas fire pits and gas fire pit burner kits come with enough lava rock to cover the burner. Single burner kits and all free-standing gas fire pits include 2 x 5kg bags. Our extra long, twin rectangle burner kits come with 4 x 5kg bags. For some build projects, the internal dimensions of the fire pit structure may be larger than the burner itself, and more lava rock may be desired.
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