Our small, but growing range of gas fire pit accessories.

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Autumn Leaves

Decorative Metal Leaves - Set of 12 Add some Autumn Leaves to decorate your fire pit.  Made from mild steel, these large metal leave will rust to a golden brown colour and being slightly curved they look just like real autumn leaves. Placed directly on top of the lava rock, the leaves will make your fire pit look even more natural and amazing, and the leaves will also help to break up the flames to create a more random flame affect. Late at night, if directly in a  flame, they can even start to glow red.
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Marshmallow Toasting Swords – Set of 2

An essential accessory for all fire pit owners:  A pair of marshmallow toasting swords. With traditional marshmallow toasting sticks, or forks, your fingers can get a bit hot, before the marshmallow reaches that optimum temperature.  Our design has a heat shield and a wooden handle to help protect you from the heat. Then for all those swashbuckling types, tempted to challenge your friend to a duel, we have incorporated another safety feature by having a bend at the sharp end.  
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