Square Build

Another simple but effective firepit build project. 

A few things to notice here.  Ventilation at the base to allow air in for correct combustion.  Also the ideal location for the gas feed pipe, over to one side where the control box is going to be installed.

It’s very important you do not bring that pipe up in the middle of the pit, as it’s way too hot directly under the burner. In fact hot enough to melt that pipe and cause a major gas leak. 

Just one slight issue, this customer has replaced the lava rock that we supplied with some white rocks.  That is against the instructions in the installation manual. Our burners have been tested and approved for use with the lava rock we supply. If you use something else, you are basically modifying the burner., which is against gas regulations, and could cause unpredictable results.  It could cause the burner to over heat, and fail. It also invalidates the warranty.

Also, the soot from the flames, would quickly turn those white rocks black, so they won’t stay white for long, as this customer has already found out.