Gas Fire Pit Safety

Gas fire pit kit installed on patio - Brightstar Fires

Gas fire pits are getting more and more popular – but how safe are they? 

The main things affecting gas fire pit safety are:

1. CE Approval – Ie. product safety – has the product itself been rated as safe?

2. Fire Pit Design & Construction – Have safe design requirements been met?

3. Safety During Use –  This one is a bit more about common sense!

CE Approval

While searching for a gas fire pit, you’ll find many cheap kits for sale from international sellers in America or China. While the cheaper “ring” or “pan” kits may look like a bargain, many of these burners lack basic essential safety features.

One example of this is the “flame failure device” which cuts the flow of gas if the flame is extinguished, preventing unburnt gas from building up and creating a risk.

In Europe, kits without these safety features are considered dangerous products and should not be for sale.

This corner cutting allows some companies to offer cheaper products, and the risks are passed on to you.

Make sure that any burner you buy has CE Approval.

Fire Pit Design & Construction

Gas fire pit kits are incredibly safe when installed correctly with proper ventilation and drainage.

Gas fire pits are for outdoors use only in a well ventilated area. Never use or install a gas fire pit inside a building. 

Generally a distance of at least three metres from nearby structures is recommended, and be careful not to install under overhanging trees or power cables!

Safe Use

We know a lot of this is obvious but we still have to say it!

During use, accessible parts can become very hot – It’s a fire! Please keep a close eye on pets and supervise children at all times. Remember that the flames will be almost invisible in direct sunlight if running during the daytime.

When not in use, it’s worth isolating the appliance from the gas supply, rather than just turning off from the control box.


See product manuals for more info: this is just a short introduction to a few of the issues affecting safety.