Number One

This was the first prototype burner we manufactured back in 2010 and was used for a lot of the initial product design and testing.   It’s still there working perfectly today. 

Made from Marshalls stone walling and paving and a 5 ring circle paving set.  Note: if using a standard circle set for your firepit, make sure the center is large enough for our round 60cms diameter burner.

The light around the rim is an LED rope light and there are spot lights behind the seating to light up the trees.  The cushions were made to fit.

Here’s a few useful dimensions if you are thinking of building something similar. The firepit wall is 110cms diameter, with the capping stones at 120cms.  It’s 35cms high which keeps the heat down at your level when sat down. The seating is 45cms high and the gap between the firepit and the seating is 75cms, which allows enough room for people to walk by when everyone else is sat down.

Watch out, people tend to rest their feet on the firepit and the heat from the fire is hot enough to melt your trainers.