LPG Gas Bottle Guide

Which LPG bottle is best for our LPG gas fire pits and gas fire pit burner kits?

The short answer: For almost all our LPG gas fire pits, always use either a 19kg propane, or 47kg propane bottle. Both will work perfectly in all conditions. For our rectangle twin burner kit, you need 2 x 19kg bottles, or 1 x 47kg bottle.

Keep reading for the longer answer!

There are many types and sizes of LPG bottles available.  It’s important you use the correct bottle with your burner. Why? Because each size of bottle has a maximum sustained flow rate of gas, measured in kilowatts. The larger the bottle, the greater volume of gas it can provide per hour.

The key to reliable warmth from your gas fire pit is to use a bottle with a sufficient flow rate, known as “off-take rate” in the gas world.

Recommended LPG Propane Bottles

The following LPG bottle sizes will work perfectly with an 18kW gas fire pit

best LPG bottle for gas fire pit
best LPG bottle for gas fire pit

Brightstar Fires LPG burners requires a flow rate of 18kW.  Therefore you will need a minimum 19kg propane bottle to power the burner. These are 80cms tall.  You can also use a larger 47kg bottle – they’re good if you’ve got the space!  Both these bottles require a screw on regulator.  

Bottle Storage Tips

  • Always store and use gas bottles in an upright position.
  • Store gas bottles outside in a well-ventilated area and away from building entry/exit points, open windows and drains. 
  • Do not store bottles in an enclosed space such as a garage or shed.
  • Ensure gas bottles are stored away from sources of heat and ignition. 
  • Do not store bottles below ground level.

For further safety advice please contact your local gas bottle stockist.

Unsuitable LPG Bottles

The following LPG bottles, including all butane bottles, will not work with an 18kW gas fire pit. 

LPG bottle unsuitable for gas fire pit
LPG bottle unsuitable for gas fire pit
LPG bottle unsuitable for gas fire pit
LPG bottle unsuitable for gas fire pit
LPG bottle unsuitable for gas fire pit
LPG bottle unsuitable for gas fire pit

Smaller propane bottles or those labelled as ’patio gas’ cannot provide the necessary flow rate for our burners.

Butane gas is different to Propane and provides less power, and also doesn’t work well in cold weather. 

If you try to use a smaller bottle than recommended, if might seem to work ok at first. However, after a short time, the bottle will cool down and a layer of ice will form on the outside of the bottle.  Then the bottle stops producing gas and the burner will go out 🙁 

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